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     Welcome all to Just Do The Right Things.  It is the full intent of this organization to be all inclusive and devoid of any stereotypes.  The old cliché, “Never judge a book by its cover,” and “Actions speak louder than words,” applies here.  America is the most diverse nation in history and its strength was built on that diversity.  But here of late diversity is being exploited to divide, thus attacking the very thing that made us the envy of the world.  No President or any form of government will make America great again.  Only we can do this.  And thus the birth of Just Do The Right Things as a means for us to achieve the full intent of our founders.

     The best way to bring together all Americans’ regardless of race, party, lifestyle, religion or any other stereotype is through making all aware of our founders dream.  The American dream was based on the principles set in our Constitution.  Our Constitution is a product of the research done by our founders and The Federalist Papers are their research notes that explain how they conceived our Constitution.  If anyone is not crystal clear on their intent they need only to read all The Federalist Papers to understand the soul of our Constitution.

     Just Do The Right Things seeks to bring out the inner American that we witness briefly after national crises such as 911 or Pearl Harbor.  After disaster we briefly come together and put aside our personal beliefs and being members of the American family comes before all the personal beliefs like party, religion or lifestyles.  This inner American is the essence of our Constitution and the soul of our founders dream.  Our founders left us in their collective Will, the American Dream and it’s up to us to make it the model of the world that they our founders intended.  They never intended for, “We the People,” to be dependent on government.  They intended for each of us to pursuit Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness via personal exceptionalism and personal responsibility.  Whether you believe in God or not our founders expected us to base our lives on sound decisions based on some type of compass of right and wrong.  For the believers in God the intention was to trust in God and just do the right things in life and God will provide the rest.

     Let’s take a quick look at some factual historic examples of this.  In the beginning our founders sought independence from England and the governmental oversite of King George.  Their quest for freedom was considered treasonous and each of our founders were gambling theirs and their families’ lives if captured.  They were all in for you and me.  The war for independence was a series of miracles and would not have been won by all accounts, we didn’t have any chance to win against the might of England.  Our founders against all odds took on England in the name of doing the right things regardless of personal sacrifice with only the back up of what they called, “Natural God.”  A second historical example of American Exceptionalism are the pioneers that packed their wagons with everything they owned and head west.  They fully knew they were at great risk of being killed by bandits or losing their scalps to Indians.  But they put their faith in God and themselves to live the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness given to us by our founders’ sacrifices.

     Just Do The Right Things is the voice for all of us to perfect the American Dream.  Our election and legislative processes are controlled by the massive campaign contributions made by big money elite.  We the People are not the special interest of government from local to Washington.  Just Do The Right Things gives us the power to make ourselves relevant.  Together we can play the game by their rules and beat them at their own game with their rules.  The division in America is based in each faction trying to impose their rules as the answer.  But the only faction that controls the rule makers is not We the People.  Together we can out lobby the elite and elect representatives who will simply do the right things instead of the profitable things for the retention of their power things.

     The math is simple.  With just $1 from each American we have 330 million dollars to be heard with.  With $5 we have 1.6 billion.  With $5/month 19.8 billion.  The time has come for, “We the People,” to take control of our destiny and put some skin in the game.  Together we can do this but divided we will surely fall just as every other empire in the history of mankind.  Stand up and be a contributing member of our American Family.





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